EvolvingBehavior  0.2.0
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Public Member Functions

 AEvolutionControlActor (const class FObjectInitializer &ObjectInitializer)
virtual void Tick (float DeltaTime) override
void SetPopulationName (FString name)
 Sets the name of this actors population.
int GetTrialNumber ()
 Returns the number of the current trial (also the number of the current generation being tested).
UPopulationManagerGetPopulationManager ()
 Returns the population manager that manages the population for this evolution control actor.
UFitnessTrackerGetFitnessTracker ()
 Returns the fitness tracker that keeps fitness info for the population managed by this evolution control actor.
int SecondsRemaining ()
 Returns the number of seconds remaining in the current trial.
void RegisterFitnessUpdater (TScriptInterface< IFitnessUpdater > fitnessUpdater)
 Registers a given fitness updater with the fitness tracker for this evolution control actor's population. This is necessary before the fitness updater starts sending info about fitness changes.
bool TryRetrieveNextPopMember (FPopulationReg &outRegistration, const FNewTrialPopulationReadyHandler &popReadyEvent)
 Retrieve the next Behavior Tree (with its ID) to test. If none available, returns false and registers for a callback when more become available.
UBTEvolutionManagerComponentGetEvolutionManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TActorIterator< AEvolutionControlActorGetEvolutionControlActors (UWorld *world)
static void GetEvolutionControlActors (UObject *worldContextObj, TArray< AEvolutionControlActor * > &outActors)
 Retrieves all evolution control actors in the world, and puts them in the output array (outActors).
static void GetEvolutionControlActorsByTag (UObject *worldContextObj, const FName &tag, TArray< AEvolutionControlActor * > &outActors)
 Retrieves all evolution control actors with the specific tag provided, and puts them in the output array (outActors).
static AEvolutionControlActorGetEvolutionControlActor (UObject *worldContextObj, const FString &name)
 Retrieves the evolution control actor with the specified name (or null if not found). Note that the name must be the one shown as a tooltip when hovering over the object in the scene list!

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Protected Member Functions

virtual void PreInitializeComponents () override
virtual void PostInitializeComponents () override

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